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The Beating Heart of the Forest

by Evelyne Park

The heart stands in the very darkest part of the forest. Connected to root, and branch, and earth, it beats a steady rhythm.

Hope it doesn’t stop.


This painting of a magical forest and its beating heart combines my passion for dark fantasy art with scientific illustration.
I’ve always loved fantasy worlds that feel surreal, a bit uncanny, like a dream gone crooked. Since I have a background in scientific visualization, medical illustration in particular always walked on that razor’s edge of being beautiful and unsettling, so when I think about a “heart of the forest”, that’s where my mind goes.


Painted in acrylics on 18 x 24 cm (7 x 9.5 inches) cradled (2 cm / 0.75″ depth ) gesso board, with a matte varnish.




Product Depth: 0.75 inches
Product Height: 7 inches
Product Width: 9.5"
Product Surface / Material: Cradled Board

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Evelyne Park is a Swiss artist living in South Korea.
With her roots in scientific visualization, she loves combining elements from botanical and medical illustration with fantasy art. When she's not sketching strange creatures, she illustrates for games, books, and fairy tales.