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Structures Unravel, Perspectives Converge

by Charles Chaisson

This abstract painting is the product of an intuitive process that I’ve been exploring for the past year. The image emerges through the continuous creation and connection of marks that begin randomly. It then evolves as I find and develop symbols within the image that stand out to me. In my mind, the intertwining perspectives, converging and deconstructing shapes & structures represent a myriad of themes. Among them are memory, time, systems and manmade structures changing and adapting into something that lies more on the intersections of our individual perspectives, among layers of reality. During the process of creating the image, it was viewed from all angles so there is no right way to hang the picture up, just the angle that speaks to you the most.

The image is mixed media: consisting of layers of marker, ballpoint pen, and acrylic paint on a circular wooden panel. It has two options for hanging in the back of the panel. One that allows it to hang from a fixed point, and another that allows it to hang on the wall from the center, so that it can be rotated to any angle you’d like.

Size: 10in x 10in circumference.


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Hey everyone, 🙂

My name is Charles Chaisson, and I'm a freelance illustrator living in Brooklyn, New York, by way of New Orleans. I enjoy drawing figures and surreal art. Some of my interests include, Psychology, Afro-futurism, Astrophysics, politics, vegan cooking, and dancing.