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by Ashly Lovett

Thought to be the spirits of girls who died violently at sea. They lure men to their own watery deaths by enticing them with their beauty and entangling victims with their long hair. It is also believed, by a few accounts, that rusalka can change their appearance to match the tastes of men they are about to seduce.

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Ashly Lovett is a freelance illustrator and gallery artist working primarily with chalk pastel for the horror and fantasy genre. She is known for her illustrative portraiture with romanticism undertones. She has done licensed work for Jim Henson Company, Adult Swim, Netflix, Focus Features, Archie Comics, and Monty Python, etc. She received her BA in illustration from Ringling College of Art and Design and has been published in Spectrum Fantasy Art Annual 22-27, Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles, Infected by Art Vol 5-7, and more. Clients include Boom! Publishing, Lindstrom LLC., Hackle TV, ArtOrder, etc.