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by Leah Mitchell

This Neo-Classical inspired oil painting was made in the midst of the pandemic while I was dreaming of traveling and the sun sparkling on the waters of the Adriatic sea.  Years ago I visited the city of Dubrovnik, in southern Croatia on the shore of the Adriatic sea. The bright blues and teals of the sea, tempered with the marble and stone of the Old Town, a Roman outpost become walled city of Renaissance palaces and churches filled with  bustling life. In the afternoons the city quiets some before the cool of the evening brings out the nightlife, and this painting is a visual representation of that stillness.

“Repose” framed 12×12 oil on linen panel with gold leaf. Signed, L. Mitchell ’20

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Leah Mitchell is a mid-career fine artist with an MFA in painting from Northern Illinois University. She paints narrative and allegorical paintings of contemporary women, inspired by the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and Botticelli. She lives in Illinois where the city ends and the corn begins with her husband, their three children and a flock of winged dinosaurs.