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by Erica Lyn Schmidt

He is a steady point in the sky

Strong and constant

Radiating warmth and light


She is a spinner of dreams

Weaving in and out of darkness

With the ebbing and flowing tide


Round and round the sky they dance

Watching each other with fascination

A common thread pulling taught

Across the vast expanse


And though he heralds the day

While she must remain in shadow

When their eyes connect on the horizon

They paint the sky with color

Medium: Acrylics over Cosclay on Panel
Dimensions: 8"x 8"
Display Method: Horizontal on Turntable

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I am a painter and sculptor who specializes in traditional mixed media. My artistic journey began in the field of scientific illustration, but it gradually made its way into the realm of imaginative realism (my true love at last). I love exploring the charm and whimsy of animals and characters who delight in their own little worlds, and aim to bring that joy to those who experience my work.

I share my love of art and birds as the Creative Director of the BirdWhisperer Project online art community, and my work can also be found in scientific museums, children’s books, and private collections.

In addition to creating fine art, I collaborate on many forms of illustration work with my husband Anthony J. Schmidt. We call Wisconsin our home, which we share with our mini-artist daughter Penny.

Website: www.ericalynschmidt.com
Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/EricaLynSchmidt
TDArt Gallery: http://www.tdartgallery.com/ArtistGalleryRoom.asp?ArtistId=979