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by Lisa Sprite Hansen

“Peek” is a sweet but mischievous little feathered faerie.

She loves peeking and sneaking into human homes through keyholes which is how she got her name.  She quietly observes but when the coast is clear she slips in and snoops around, usually helping herself to tiny treasures, trinkets and sweet treats!

Ingredients: Polymer clay, glass rounds, acrylics, wood, felt backing, wall hanging hardware

Product Height: 5 Inches
Width: 3 Inches
Depth: 2.5 Inches

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Sprite is a fantasy artist and sculptor based in New York. Inspired by nature, her otherworldly, mysterious creatures and beings of a futuristic lost world form organically and intuitively. She uses mixed media to bring them into existence to help them share their stories by providing a glimpse into her/ their world. Materials usually include various types of clay, natural inclusions (healing crystals, geodes, driftwood, delicate leaves & dried petals, twigs, shells, bone fragments, insect parts, lots of glue and resin. Sometimes she draws and paints them too!

Her work has been featured in Infected by Art, ADQ, & Tiny Dragons Art book. She's a featured artist at the Fernie Brae Gallery in Oregon and has exhibited with multiple galleries in the US.