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Pearl Crescent Butterfly

by Natee

Pearl crescent butterfly (Phyciodes tharos).

Watercolour and gouache on vintage J. Whatman paper from 1940, painted area approximately 110 x 65 mm.

I documented the process of painting this piece on this Twitter thread, in case anyone is interested!

Real talk. I often get a serious plunge after completing an involved piece of work wherein I really do think ‘what’s the point?’ So it was with this one. The awareness of the labour isn’t remotely commensurate with what I now feel looking at it, which is generally ‘meh.’
This doesn’t negate the fact that I still wish for those efforts and whatever merits the piece may have to be recognised. My pride is no less injured when they aren’t. It’s complicated. So I sincerely thank those of you who do see them. Thank you.

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Illustrator based in London, U.K. Fond of natural history, literary classics, mythology, fairy tales and folklore. Previous publishing clients include Walker Books, Candlewick Press, The Folio Society, Templar, Oxford University Press, and Random House.