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Moon Daughter

by Christopher Moeller

I’ve been making a big push to understand oil paint, doing small sketches on cardboard (or anything else I have lying around).  This one pleased me enough that I stuck it in a frame as is, and put it up in my studio.  It embodies a number of small successes to me.  I hope you enjoy it!

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For twenty-six years I used my art to build imaginary worlds, populated by fantastic creatures. More recently, my desire for invented worlds has given way, unexpectedly, to a love affair with this world. I am experimenting with new approaches, both in terms of subject matter and craft. I am developing my instinct for authenticity... for things with real power. I find myself drawn to landscapes, both outward and internal, that feel real. My paintings document a slow, often frustrating, recommitment to the fundamentals of art, and a reconnection to the human experience.