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Monkey Around

by Scott Fischer

“Monkey Around” is an exploration in Graphite, oil, and acrylic on cradled panel. With freehand drawing and custom masks/templates, powdered graphite is applied with brush using templates to discover edge relationships. As the form emerges it is accented with pencil, and highlighted with kneaded erasers and acrylic. The last stage is oil paint, applying the stars and giving the work its final render on the face.

The reflective quality of the exposed wood through the graphite and paint has the effect of the piece evolving before your eyes depending on the angle you view the it. The physical art is 6X12.

Process video of this painting can be seen at Scott’s Instagram at ScottMFischer

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Scott Fischer is a multi-talented multi-media artist. He paints on dreams with thin layers of magic that you can see through to the future.