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Metamorphs de Mini Porcelaine, The Hübner’s Wasp Moth

by Christine R. Bay

This particular moth peep, also one of the metamorphs, is a mysterious one.
She’s dainty! She’s elegant! She’s carefree!
Those who saw her say.
But no one knows where she forages, or where she hides.

Part of the mini painted faux porcelain series, the Metamorphs are symbolistic creatures about personal transformation and growth. This series juxtapose the fragile-looking raised “stroke” of white and blue porcelain against a stark black background.

This is a mixed media piece with raised areas created using modelling paste and super heavy gesso. The faux porcelain is achieved using  acrylic paints and varnish and the ultra black background is finished with Musou black pigment. Piece comes ready-to-hang with a sawtooth-hook.

Size: 3.5" x 5"
Medium: Mixed media (acrylics, Musou black pigment, super heavy gesso, modelling paste, wood, varnish)

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Christine R. Bay is a Singapore-based visual artist, pop-surrealist and sculptor who dabbles in both digital and traditional media. Her works mostly revolve around using human portraits and surreal elements as a representation of the story she wants to tell and the values she wants to convey. She is now also experimenting with more sculptural projects, exploring the relationship between 3D sculpted elements and the physical space.