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Maxine (“Thing on the Fourble Board”)

by Jeremy Wilson

This illustration is a large concept sketch for the character of “Maxine” from the 1948 radio play of the same name. The creature in the play is revealed to be a half spider, half woman and invisible. The narrator falls in love with her and marries her (as discovered in a twist ending). He solves the problem of her being invisible by covering her human half in makeup and paint. Here, the viewer to feel like they just came across her in her house, decorated with their memories and there is something just not right…

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Jeremy Wilson is a Virginia transplant, living and working in Richmond. He grew up in a small town in Upstate New York in an art household, surrounded by fine art and classic illustration. His background was traditional painting at the Lyme Academy College of Fine Art and since has been pushing the limits of painted versus negative space. He seeks to perfect his images through design and negative space, carefully curating shapes to imply space.
He has done work for Editorial, Book, Magazine, and Comics. Most recently working for: Scientific American Magazine, Boom! Comics, Titan Comics, and Wizards of the Coast.

His images have been included in Spectrum 20, 21, 22, 24 Society of Illustrators West: 54, 55, Infected by art 1, 3, ARC Salon 2013, and at the Society of Illustrators for the Spectrum exhibit 2014.

His work has been awarded medals for:
Society of Illustrators Los Angeles 54; Gold (Editorial)
Society of Illustrators Los Angeles 55 Gold, Bronze (Book), Gold, Bronze (Comics), Gold (Entertainment Development), Silver (Gallery)
Spectrum 24; Gold (Comics)