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by Erica Lyn Schmidt

Lost in the dark
Vines binding
Thorns piercing
Laying dormant to lessen the pain

Sometimes there comes a moment
When a Luminary passes by
Revealing the hidden path of escape

In this fleeting juncture
They turn around
And they wait
To see if you’ll follow

And you must decide
Even though your body is weak from atrophy
And there are thorns in your feet
Are you brave enough to stand
And start walking
Even though every step forward must be your own

Do you have the courage
To embrace hope
And the audacity
To believe that you deserve better
Before the moment passes
And you slip into darkness once again

Medium: Acrylics over Cosclay and Wood on Black Walnut Base
Base Dimensions: 4.75 inches x 6 inches
Height: 5 inches

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Erica Lyn Schmidt is a painter and sculptor who works in the traditional mediums of acrylic/oil painting and polymer clay. She loves exploring the charm and whimsy of animal characters who delight in their own little worlds, aiming to bring that joy to her audience.

She has a background in scientific illustration which transitioned nicely into the genre of imaginative realism. Her new passion is blending 2D and 3D with her sculptural art. Her work can be found in fine art galleries, children's books, museums and private collections.

Website: www.ericalynschmidt.com