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Look to the Skies

by Erica Lyn Schmidt

Let’s be new again
Find the courage to crawl
Even after learning to run
Let’s look to the skies

Rewind the clock
To when the world was new
We strapped on paper wings
And climbed to the roof
Believing we could fly

The sky stretched boundlessly
A whisper of adventure in every direction
The trees on the distant horizon beckoning
Before our first taste of disappointment

When did we trade hope for safety
And surrender belief to cynicism
Perhaps the safest bet was the most costly
Are we better off being tethered
Anchored to where we let the dream go
A lonely red balloon that sailed away

Let’s find the child again
Climb up to the roof
Brave enough to take a leap of faith
Despite our memories of broken bones

It may seem impossible
But there’s power in naivety
Close your eyes and dare to believe
That red balloon is waiting for us
Somewhere beyond the trees

Media: Acrylics over Cosclay Polymer Clay on Purpleheart Base
Base Size: 3.75″ x 4.75″
Height: 3.75″

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Erica Lyn Schmidt is a fine artist living in Wisconsin, USA. Her primary media includes polymer clay, acrylic, and oils. After spending many years in scientific and children’s illustration, she found her true love of fine art in the genre of imaginative realism.

Blurring the lines between traditional painting and sculpture, her work explores the deeper meaning of life’s experiences through whimsical animals, metaphor, and prose. She loves creating characters that didn’t exist before, like conjuring new friends out of thin air. Sometimes a project takes on a life of its own—in these moments it feels like there’s magic in the room.

Erica has been a staple on the roster of Every Day Original, in several volumes of Infected by Art, and on the Chesley Suggestion List twice in the category of Three Dimensional Art. Beyond her own work, she strives to empower other artists as Community Manager of the artist coaching program Unleash Creativity with Marc Scheff. Her past clients include Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers, 78 Tarot, Royal Tyrrell Museum, Burpee Museum of Natural History, private scientists and collectors.