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Let There Be Light, a portrait of Rebecca Leveille

by Rick Price

Among many her attributes, Venus is a goddess of fertility, and it is in this vein that she is portrayed. In my painting, she is personified by my mentor and friend, Rebecca Leveille Guay, a painter, a teacher and a passionate citizen. In addition to her direct and indirect influence on the rebirth of my painting, philosophy, and teaching, Rebecca’s passion and pedagogy have enriched the lives of hundreds of artists through her teaching platforms, uniquely enabling them to discover their own abilities and potentials. Like a nebula, the birthplace of stars, Rebecca is fertilizing the art world with creators whose art and passions are shining brilliantly due to her unique vision and heart.

Product Height: 36"
Product Width: 24"
Product Depth: 2"
Product Surface / Material: Oil on Resin over Acrylic Transfer on Cradled Panel

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Rick Price is an Artist from Southern California, currently living in New York’s Hudson Valley. He has been a muralist, an illustrator, a painter, a barista and a slate roofer. He has shown various permutations of his work in small galleries in L.A., San Francisco, Denver and Chicago, in addition to New York and the Hudson Valley for the past 20 years. He's excited to share his freshest work on EDO.