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Kitsune – The Fox Spirit

by Paige Carpenter

In Japanese folklore, the kitsune is a fox spirit with magical abilities. As the kitsune grows older, they gain the ability to transform into a human, often a beautiful man or woman. The number of tails a kitsune has will reveal their age: a nine-tailed fox being the oldest and most powerful.

While kitsune are often portrayed as tricksters, they can also be wise guardians, lovers, or companions.

Original oil painting on archival paper mounted on board.

Painting size (without frame): 14 inches x 11 inches.
In-frame size: 16.5 inches x 13.5 inches.

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Paige Carpenter is a fantasy artist living in Houston, Texas. She works mainly in oil, and occasionally watercolor. Her work explores beauty and mystery. She believes that truth can be revealed through the fantastic, and strives to show this through her art. She loves Norse mythology, reading, and gardening.

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