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Kind not Weak

by Kaitlund Zupanic

“Unicorns are frequently overlooked, deemed timid, and easily overpowered, but their magic runs deep and is not to be trifled with.”

DRAWN TO DRAGONS – a warning on the dangers of Unicorns and their magic

Working on Duralar as I learn the medium is a fun experiment. When using ink, seeing how 3D it became on Duralar was unexpected. No matter how I worked it, I simply couldn’t create a seamless flat black, and if it was put on the back of the paper, the effect was lost. This effect was also quite prevalent with alcohol-based markers, which I didn’t expect either, providing a large blooming look when the marker came to paper.

I found that airbrushing is the perfect way to create this effect, and I’m excited to test that out in future works.

6″x9″ Ink and marker on semi-transparent Duralar.

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A fantasy illustrator of the dragon varaity.