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Journey Within

by Marta Witkiewicz

“Journey Within” started as a reflection on the artistic path with all its ups and downs, learning experiences, growth opportunities, triumphs, trials and frustrations. As the drawing unfolded, I realised this path is not only about progress but also about losses that occur quite unnoticed. In our pursuits of honing our skills, we trade a piece of our innocence and blissful naivety. Do you remember times when a chunk of “not good” paper served as a playground and a piece of broken crayon taped together as a toy? Times when mistakes were just opportunities to explore uncharted territories, when perfectionism was not a chain that bounds us?

This artwork took me on its own unexpected journey, steering me back to childish innocence and a sense of playfulness. Who would have thought that going back to childlike scribbles will be the hardest part of this project? That challenge was not in being precise, but rather in letting myself go?

Yellow bird with blue wings was my childhood friend, a reoccurring character accompanying me on countless imaginative adventures. Can you hear it chirping joyfully in your ear – “Let’s go over the lines! Let’s play!” 🙂


Medium: graphite and colored pencils on bristol paper

Drawing size: 21cm x 26.5cm (8.2″ x 10.4″)

Frame size: 34cm x 39.5cm (13.4″ x 15.5″)

Fully framed and ready to hang on the wall

Ships from Spain


I invite you to visit my website https://martawitkiewicz.com/ and I’d love to stay in touch with you through more personal newsletters

I’m also active on Instagram at @martawit_art

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Hey! My name is Marta Witkiewicz and I’m a traditional artist, illustrator, and writer in love with the word “Magic”. I grew up in a small village in Poland but the chase after dreams took me places. Currently, I live in Madrid, Spain.

During the time of atelier-style education focused mostly on strict classical approaches, my heart was divided between the beauty of fine art and the unrestricted imagination of fantasy illustration. In my personal works, I aim to blur the edges between them – using the foundations that I’ve learned and storytelling to create enchanted worlds and characters.

I seek the feeling I have when I immerse myself in stories that give this thrill as if something magical was about to happen, the promise of an exciting adventure, a secret to be discovered. I want to grasp and spread this sparkle that makes people dream, wonder, and believe that everything is possible.

I've been exhibiting my works in galleries in US and Australia and currently am looking for a way to transition into more illustration industry.