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by Tia Kinsman

It’s a dangerous game to burn your candle at both ends, but sometimes it can’t be helped.

Illuminated is a small original gouache painting that is encased in a hand sculpted and cast  deep, dark eggplant purple coffin cameo frame with a slight green sparkle-shift.It measures 9 1/4″ tall and 6.5″ wide, and comes with a chain attached to the back for hanging. It also comes signed, and with a certificate of authenticity.

The subject was inspired by the current collection of designs I am working on; Salem Girls, which is an exploration of witchcraft, potions, and spell casting themes. I have also been working through my own personal chaos these last few months, pushing my limits and burning my own candle at both ends, so this painting was also an expression of relieving those stresses and pressures. The road to peace can sometimes require a lot of us, and that is okay!

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Tia Kinsman is a New England based artist with a fondness for fantasy, nature, the macabre, and the occult. Her work is often whimsical, but with a dark story underneath. She enjoys using multiple mediums, mainly watercolors, pen & ink, or screen printing.