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by Rachel Perciphone

Carnivorous plants fascinate me. I love pitcher plants and their variety of textures, shapes, and colors: the pinks, greens, reds, and purples! It was a subject that I wanted to revisit and I kept coming back to this sketch, drawn to it like a moth to… well, a pitcher plant. We’re all hungry for something.

“Hunger” is an acrylic-gouache painting (with some colored pencil detail).

The size of the painting is about 3.5″ x 5.5″ inches on 4″x6″ hot press watercolor paper. The total size, including the black matte, is 5″x7″.

Product Width: 4 inches (without matte)
Product Height: 6 inches (without matte)
Product Framed size: 5" x 7"
Product Surface / Material: Acrylic/Gouache/Colored Pencil
Product Surface / Material: 300 gsm Hot Press Watercolor Paper

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Rachel Perciphone is an artist and professional illustrator creating empowering fantasy art that encourages the viewer to confidently explore their own stories. She is most heavily inspired by mythology, fairy tales, nature, and ethereal subjects and her work features strong, diverse characters within magical and colorful worlds. Rachel uses symbolism, shape, and both natural and supernatural elements to explore narratives and emotions. Through depictions of vibrant, feminine, and engaging subjects, her work showcases the idea that our inner strength is both multifaceted and beautiful.