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Horns Down

by Scott Fischer

‘Horns Down’ is oil and Acrylic ink on Duralar, painting both sides of the translucent material. Much of the painting done with a sponge, and fine tuned with a brush.

Horns Down- Part 1: The start.
Horns Down- Part 2: Oil Painting + Song

When you gonna find your
Devil’s Rainbow? You know…
Wanting to be prom queen, means, in fact your not seen.
But Johnny’s not around now
To grind them horns down.
Take off the dress and be,
The you that you want to… see.

It’s all about the journey, doubts will impede.
So make mistakes with me, to let your demon breathe.

You really got to ride those Hiiiiighs!
To survive them lows.

Didja know…

when you are flat on your face,
Horns protect your nose?

That’s how soul grows.

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Scott Fischer is a multi-talented multi-media artist. He paints on dreams with thin layers of magic that you can see through to the future.