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Gumball Sherbet Hermit Crab

by Corina St. Martin

The Gumball Sherbet Hermit Crab has a very cheeky personality. Like their cousins the Snazzberry Sherbet Hermit Crab this little crab loves to antagonize beachgoers. They can fill their gumball looking spots with air to make sharp popping noises. You may be planning a long, lazy day at the beach but if these guys see you they will cover the beach en masse filling the air with loud sounds of popping and banging bringing your relaxing day to an abrupt end. If you plan ahead of time there is a way to enjoy the beach without upsetting the crabs, you must bring them swedish fish and peanut butter sandwiches. Yes it sounds disgusting but these cantankerous crustaceans love them!

Product Height: 5.5"
Product Width: 4.25"

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I am a sculptor and painter living in Richmond, Indiana. The work that I've been creating for the past couple of years combines my love of animals, desserts (mostly fancy), bright colors and surrealism. My overall goal is to bring more joy into the world through the creation and sharing of my sculptures and paintings. I hope they bring a smile to all who see these funny characters!

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