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From Cabinet of Curiosities: Owl 2

by Sucharita Suri

In the dim-lit chamber,

where shadows dance,

A cabinet of wonder, a witch’s trance.

A vessel of secrets, a mystic’s delight,

Where oddities bloom in the soft candlelight.

A witch’s owl perched with feathers of night,

Guardian of wisdom, in moon’s silver light.

With eyes that pierce through the veil of the dark,

It watches, it waits, in the magical park.

Product Specs: 

  • Medium: Watercolor
  • Paper: 300 gsm, archival, 100% cotton
  • Width: 11.69 inches
  • Height: 16.53 inches
  • Frame not included
Product Width: 11.69 in
Product Height: 16.53 in
Product Surface / Material: 300 gsm hotpress 100% Cotton Acid Free paper

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I am Sucharita, an illustrator, graphic designer from Mumbai, India.

I love to illustrate all sorts of things but 'whimsical paintings' have my heart. My world is full of magic, nature, fables, and fairytales.

I am as much an illustrator as I am a graphic designer. To see all that I am working on and my processes as illustrator, hop on to my instagram page @sucharitas or my Pinterest page @sucharitasuri and to check out what I do as a graphic designer, visit www.seekred.com