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Frog Prince

by Carolina Lebar

The Frog Prince is inspired by a Grimm’s Fairytale.

The story is about a princess who befriends a frog, a prince under a wicked spell. The only way to break the spell and transform the frog back into a prince is through a magical kiss from the princess.

Dimensions: 8″ x 8″

Medium: Acrylic and Pencil

Details: Sides are black and the painting is signed on the right side in gold.

Ready to hang.

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Originally from Colombia, Carolina resides in the United States. The pieces she creates explore humanities connections to nature that are echoed throughout history within beliefs and lore.

“My work begins with pencil, creating fine, beautiful details, then with delicate layers of graphite and occasionally paint, I finalize the art. Using pencil and paint I explore tying the past and the present with gatherings of feather, fur, fins, symbolism, and feminine beauty.”