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by Kelley Hensing

A memorial piece about nature, death and transcendence. Part of a series I’ve been evolving over the past two years. All of the birds are from sketches and images I’ve taken on my walks throughout the city and beyond. To take notice of a creature in it’s final moments reminds me that although existence is fleeting, our life can be filled with beauty and meaning.

Measures 11.5, circular piece. The frame is made of light-weight wood and has been refinished in black.

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Kelley creates new pieces every month! Feel free to contact her for a current list of work available from the studio.

Bio: Kelley is inspired by the mysterious. She grew up in a house by the woods surrounded by animals and wilderness, so many of her themes bring together strange nature, mortality and spirituality. Using archetypes of characters from folklore and myth as well as her own stories, she enjoys portraying unusual tales that symbolize our hopes and fears.

Kelley earned her MFA from the School of Visual Arts and her BFA from the Rhode Island School of design. Her favorite mediums are oils on wood and pencil on paper, and she loves to create her work by hand. Her favorite genres range from gothic and steampunk to classic fantasy and legends. Traveling is her only other passion equal to a career in art and is a vital component in inspiring her work.