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by Hope Doe

One of my favorite books I have ever read is ‘Ocean at the End of the Lane’ by Neil Gaiman.  I felt a strong urge to illustrate this book for SmarterArt School mentorship with Sam Weber.  The scene where the boy and Lettie encounter Ursula Monckton was one of my favorites that sparked so much imagery while reading it.


14.3″ by 10.1″ (364 mm x 257mm) sumi ink and liquid acrylics on Arches watercolor.  Fully framed. Frame is about 16.6″ by 14″ (423mm x 357mm)


Product Surface / Material: 100% cotton watercolor paper
Product Surface / Material: Arches Watercolour Paper

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Hope is an American artist currently residing in Mie, Japan. With her interests in Japanese traditional arts and growing up in a western culture, she creates a unique blend of the two influences. Her work has a strong sense of narrative, which contains a tinge of mystery and the unknown. Her artwork is often molds humanity with the natural world giving the sense that humanity is one in the same, and shouldn’t be a separate entity.

Her work contains a variety of mixed media, including sumi, graphite, oils, and watercolors.