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Defense Mechanism

by Nadia Rausa

Back when I was still a beginner artist, I loved creating ink drawings heavy in lineart. Especially when it came to drawing hair! I’m not sure why I lost touch with that part of my creative process, but I was inspired to get back to my roots.

This piece, for me, represents the subconscious building of defense mechanisms. The trauma and heartbreak in our lives can sometimes cause us to build a sort of barbed wire shell in hopes to stop future pain, but sometimes that doesn’t allow us to come face-to-face with those hurts. Whatever you have gone through in this life, may love shower you. Even if it doesn’t heal, let it bring solace, and the courage to break open from your protective shell when you feel ready.

Height: 6 inches
Width: 4 inches
Medium: Pen, ink

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Nadia Rausa is a half-Korean human artist and author living in Alaska, USA. Both Nadia’s visual and written work has been described as haunting and ethereal, something she embraces on the daily in her spooky heart. She has been included in various gallery shows and publications since 2017, and has self-published seven books and zines as of 2023. Outside of creating and being an exhausted ghost, she enjoys nature, admiring the moon, gaming in both video and board/card formats, reading horror/fantasy/sci-fi books, and pretending that every day is Halloween.