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Crystal Ball Lovers

by Breeyn McCarney

A crow skull etched with filigree scroll patterns, hand-sculpted from sequin film and stitched to a delicate illusion tulle scattered with baby’s breath. The skull is framed in hand-painted black leaves.

I’ve been wanting to develop a bird skull for years, I first had the concept for this piece ages back but it’s take til now to be able to execute at a satisfactory level.

Piece measures 10 inches by 10 inches, and features oak scrollwork on the frame. I liked the details in the knot of the wood on the frame, so instead of an opaque paint, I went with a translucent stain so the character of the wood still shows.

Ready to hang.

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Breeyn McCarney is an artist and designer based in Canada. After a decade designing custom couture fashion specializing in traditional hand-embellishment including embroidery and beading, she now creates 3D light-reflective pieces using those same techniques blended with hand-cutting, painting and shaping sequins. She twists natural and supernatural themes, merging science and fairytales to lure the viewer into believing in everyday magic. Flowers, insects, anatomy and mythical creatures are her favourite themes. Bones and bugs.