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Copper #8

by Scott Fischer

The 8th piece in my exploratory series of paintings on copper clad board. Executed in a FW ink and Acrylagouache underpainting with oil paint to finish. Pearlescent blue paint is brushed on. The final stage is to scribe back through the paint to the metal below, creating edges for light to catch on. The entire piece is then sealed in Gamar varnish.

It is my goal with these paintings to create works that need to be experienced in person to really appreciate them. The reflective quality of the exposed copper and pearlescent paint changes the viewing experience, depending on lighting and angle. The result is a very jewl-like surface that rarely appears the same way twice.

Comes in the super cool antique ‘standing’ frame shown. 6X8 painting in a 10X10 frame.

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Scott Fischer is a multi-talented multi-media artist. He paints on dreams with thin layers of magic that you can see through to the future.