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Complicated Truths

by Emerald Barkley

Complicated Truths by Emerald Barkley

Complicated Truths is an original watercolor and ink painting by Emerald Barkley about the layers of nuanced truth that we all carry.

We all contain complexity, and sometimes I think that peeling back those layers comes with a certain amount of anxiety around being seen. Most of us are comfortable with being seen if we feel like we have control over how we are perceived, but I think the further our understanding goes, the more that we realize that that control never existed.

How can we let go? And how can we create the safety necessary in our relationships for others to also let go?

Complicated Truths is an 8″ x 10″ watercolor painting with ink on Arches hot-pressed paper.
This piece will ship unframed.

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Product Width: 8"
Product Height: 10"

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Emerald Barkley is a watercolor and mixed media artist from Northern California. Emerald uses a colorful palette and personal symbolism drawn from the natural world to create work about mindfulness, ego, and mental health.
They enjoy hiking and peach cobbler.