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by Rhonda Libbey

With everyone recently talking about bears so much I couldn’t help but remember the character Callisto from Greek Mythology. She was an Arkadian princess and hunting companion of the goddess Artemis. Those two were so close that Zeus disguised himself as Artemis to seduce Callisto who was supposed to remain a virgin. This of course ruins everything for poor Callisto – but Zeus is gonna Zeus. Artemis finds out and in her fury turns her friend into a bear. Later when Callisto dies she becomes the constellation Ursa Major.

Artwork is 5″x7″ oil and 24 karat gold on panel. It is framed and ready to hang.

Product Height: 7 inches
Product Width: 5 inches
Product Surface / Material: Ampersand Panel

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Hello! I'm Rhonda Libbey, and Imaginative Realism artist and illustrator. I live in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania with my wonderfully supportive boyfriend and three silly ferrets.

I have been a professional illustrator and graphic designer since 1996 and I have had the good fortune to work on some cool projects and I have shown in some great galleries.

My most recent works are created traditionally in oil paint and gold leaf, with oil paint layered in glazes on top of the metal to achieve a luminous effect. I am drawn to the contrasts of delicate and bold that both oil paint and gold leaf possess.