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Blueberry Crabby Cake

by Corina St. Martin

Sometimes the most adorable critters are also the most obnoxious and that goes double for the Blueberry Crabby Cake. These little crabs are so cute and they smell wonderful but as with most crabcakes they have an attitude. As usual the smaller they are the bigger the attitude! The Blueberry Crabby Cakes make a sound that is similar to a cat’s purr which they use to get close to their unsuspecting victim.

Imagine, you are on the beach enjoying the tranquil vibes when an adorable crab sidesteps to you purring. Just as you are trying to figure out how to take this little cutie home you turn around to see that your entire gourmet beach picnic is running down the shore and out of site in the clasp of the crabcakes friends. You turn back to the adorable crab to find that it stole your brand new sunglasses and is running as fast as it’s little legs can go, all while blowing the biggest raspberries at you. So rude.

While all of that was going on you also notice that your flip flops have been snipped so they will no longer flip nor flop which leaves you to do the hop, step, run in bare feet across the hot sand back to your very hot car. Where you see that they also removed your sun shield and now your steering wheel feels as hot as the sun! Oh beware the Blueberry Crabby Cakes and their mean ways. However, I did manage to catch this little terror with a mixture of melted ice cream, salt and sardines. It was very gross but they love it!

Product Height: 4"
Product Depth: 3.5"
Product Width: 4"

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I am a sculptor and painter living in Richmond, Indiana. The work that I've been creating for the past couple of years combines my love of animals, desserts (mostly fancy), bright colors and surrealism. My overall goal is to bring more joy into the world through the creation and sharing of my sculptures and paintings. I hope they bring a smile to all who see these funny characters!

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