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by Owen Weber

The Archaeopteryx is known to be a close relative to the earliest ancestor of the modern bird.  It lived in the Jurassic Age, about 150 million years ago, with fossils mainly being found in southern Germany and Portugal.  Archaeopteryx, when discovered, was the first dinosaur to have evidence of feathers and the possibility of flight, a big idea at the time as it was found just a few years after Darwin’s Origin of Species was published, giving new life to the argument of evolution.  Archaeopteryx  fossils have given conflicting evidence on whether it could fly of just glide, it could flap its wings but paleontologists are not sure if it could create an upward lift motion of which most modern birds are capable.  It had sharp teeth, claws, and a “killing-claw” on its second toe, which is found on most dromaeosaurids, making it more similar to various species of raptor than modern birds.

This painting was made with oils on masonite board.  It measures 9″ x 6.5″.

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Owen William Weber is a working illustrator, living in Astoria, NY. He attended Hartford Art School, graduating with a BFA in Illustration and a minor in Art History. Much of his commissioned work is based in the Fantasy genre. His personal work has evolved into mostly paintings of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. His work is primarily painted traditionally using oils on masonite.

Recently, Owen’s work has been included in such annuals as Spectrum 23 and 26, The Society of Illustrators 54, Illustration West 44 and 52, Infected By Art vol. 2-8, and the Art Renewal Center’s 2013/2014 and 2014/2015 Annual Salons. He lives with his wife, Sarah, their daughter, Dagmar, their son, Einar, and their black cat, Mim.
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