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All She Contains

by Morrighan Corbel

Within herself, she turns over all that she has known, all that she has seen, all that she is and ever will be- the rushing passions of her youth and the crackling, burning warmth of age. She folds into herself every breath and every thought and keeps it, holds it, lets it simmer and bubble until it soaks into the very fabric of her self and settles into something known and familiar.

6″ x 8″

Watercolour, graphite, and coloured pencil on 300gsm Bockingford Cold Press watercolour paper.

This drawing will arrive fixed and unframed. I would suggest framing with a spacer so that no loose graphite settles on the frame’s surface.


Product Height: 8"
Product Width: 6"
Product Surface / Material: 300gsm Bockingford cold press watercolour paper

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Morrighan Corbel is a UK based gothic horror illustrator. Inspired by the sensations of being out of time and place, Morrighan draws from folklore, ghost stories, and the abandoned and forgotten to imbue her work with a feeling of isolation and strangeness. She is heavily involved with publishing and TTRPGs and has worked on the Wyrmwood Corrupted Tarot Deck and the ENNIE award winning Uncaged Goddesses D&D supplement. When she isn't drawing, Morrighan collects nineteenth century portrait photography and is working on a long-term genealogy project. Her ultimate career goal is to buy an abandoned manor house somewhere remote and never be seen again.