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by Gigi Chen

This is from my on-going series called “Still + Life,” which puts a focus on the beauty of dead birds that my friends and I have photographed over the years. The title of the series itself is a play on words from the art form of Still Life painting.  By adding back spark and magic to these images, I can memorialize their former lives.  I want say “There is Still Life within.”



5 x 7 inches

Acrylic on Wood

Product Depth: 0.75 inches
Product Width: 7 inches
Product Height: 5
Product Surface / Material: Acrylic on Wood Panel

$350 $350

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Gigi Chen was born in Guangdong, China and raised in New York City.
Gigi’s work combines her training as a traditional animator along with her love of the techniques of the Old Masters. Entrenched in the art of storytelling and using predominantly acrylic paint, Gigi reaches into the world of Magical Realism, exploring her complex feelings about Family, Belonging, Safety and Love.