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Christine is a fine artist and illustrator who enjoys creating quietly weird images, flavored by mystery, goth-folk and mid-western myth. Raised in West Virginia and currently living in central Ohio, she gravitates toward genre subjects—modern fantasy, speculative fiction and light horror—especially those familiar monsters that live under, and sometimes in, our own beds.

Although having earned a master's degree in painting from George Washington University in our Nation's capital, Christine is currently exploring all the ways to manipulate graphite and dry media over thin washes of iridescent watercolor. Gotta get those fingers dirty. The interplay between humanity, nature and power is a beloved motif, and she never tires of drawing clouds or strange eyes. She shows in galleries throughout the mid-west and on-line, and as an illustrator, also works digitally on book covers and interior graphics.

Her life is shared with one husband, three sons, and a punk-ass cat.