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Romina Pallotta is an Argentine illustrator and painter living in Wroclaw, Poland. She was born in Mar del Plata in 1982. She studied Filmmaking at the University of Buenos Aires.

Her art usually represents the duality between her imagination and the real world. She hopes to provoke with her paintings the feeling of an escape from reality which she says is so liberating. She intends to transmit this to her viewers.

She likes anything that takes her away from reality. Movies, books and video games. But she prefers painting in a realistic way because she wants to feel that fantasy comes to life.

Her favorite subjects are nature, relationship bonds and coexistence of good and evil.

Her pieces reveal that she not only adores the Romantic Period but also shows her love for nature, overflow of feelings and melancholy. She also has been influenced by portraits of this period such as painters of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood who are definitely her favorites.

She uses acrylic paint and surfaces like canvas, paper and wood.

“My art is my essence, it is part of who I am. I wish I could say that I paint to communicate a message, but the truth is I paint just for the pleasure of doing it. I cannot express myself with words but I need to paint every day. The subjects I choose and the creative work I do are an excuse to paint. When I paint I enter a different state of consciousness, I like to be there and I cannot do it any other way.”