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Ejiwa "Edge" Ebenebe is a Nigerian-Canadian artist/illustrator currently based in BC, Canada. While her parentage is Nigerian, she was born outside of their homeland, and went on to experience multiple cultures throughout her childhood and early adulthood.

As an immigrant artist, she wrestles with the concept of community and identity, both within
herself and in the work she creates, and strives to create representation for voices (particularly
Black and/or LGBTQ+ women) who are often pushed out of positive, empowering narratives.

But also echoing throughout her work is a love for the whimsical, ethereal visions of the fairy tales and folk stories she grew up immersed in. From her passion for rich, vibrant colours, to the love of elaborate ornamentation, her varying homes have moulded her creative perspective in strong ways.

Though she is currently currently building her life in Canada, these roots continue to weave themselves throughout each piece she creates. In combining all these influences she hopes to create artwork that is both uplifting and whimsical, a respite from life’s rigors.

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