This is Marc, the curator here at Every Day Original.

It’s our five year anniversary and today, we launch something new!

We have (quietly) built a second gallery that will now run alongside the good ship EDO. This new gallery can be found on the Artsy platform under our same name, Every Day Original. The work on this site will be slightly larger in scale and price, and we will curate regular releases online in a show/opening format.

You can see our first show now.

I invite you to click through and enjoy our opening show, maybe even pick something up for the holidays, or share this with a friend who loves great art.

Scroll down for a short FAQ on what this is all about.

The site will be back tomorrow, regular as ever.

You can still see the regular site here.

Thank you for supporting 5 years of original art!



We are creating more opportunities

  • For artists to create bigger work, and expand their collector base
  • For YOU to expand your collection, with new work and new artists
  • For us to work with new artists exclusively on this project


Q What will happen to EDO?
A No changes! Tomorrow things go back to normal.
You can still get art in your inbox every day on this list.

Q Who will be on Artsy?
A The Artsy gallery will have many faces you know and love, as well as new faces who will be exclusively on that platform. This is giving us an opportunity to also keep working with artists who are growing past the EDO price point.

Q What will the prices be on EDO x Artsy?
A $500 and up, mostly under $5000, with a soft ceiling around $10k

Q Will there be new work every day?
A Short answer no, but there will be regular additions. We will release new work on Artsy semi regularly. We will also be planning small shows with hand picked collections. You will have to follow us there to get notifications.

Q Can I just do nothing and stay in the know?
A Also no. Our Artsy page will be its own gallery. If you want to make sure you get notified when we release new work, please make sure to follow us there.