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The Steamback

by Sean Andrew Murray

Behold, the Steamback – a creature created in the back rooms of alchemical tinkers in a bygone age. Cobbled together from the parts of other living beings and given life by means of a magical furnace that burns runedust, the Steamback is a fearsome thing to behold, though it can be programmed for any task, be it for the good or for the nefarious. Only a handful were made during a period where laws on magical experimentation were very lax. It is unknown how many remain in operation, if any. But there are whispers in the back alleys of Coal-Town that a Steamback walks the streets at night, gathering scraps of material from dark alleyways for its master – a rogue alchemist who is said to be in the employ of the Drueggar Horde. Of course, these are just rumors.

Product Width: 13 inches
Product Height: 17 inches
Product Surface: Bristol Board
Medium: Pencil

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Illustrator, Concept Artist, World-Builder, Teacher, and Creator of "The Great City of Gateway".