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The Sage Gruff

by Melissa Sue Stanley

The Rocklands don’t always make for great gardening, so the Sage Gruffs help plants along with a bit of magic. Their soft, scratchy songs fill the air as they meander around the rooftops and pod gardens. They’re gentle and quiet – but they have been known to get into small fights with the Grems over what is, and isn’t, a weed. The Grems hate dandelions, but the Gruffs argue that the roots are wonderful in tea. The Trolls don’t do anything to stop the debate, because honestly it’s a bit adorable.

The Sage Gruff: 5″x7″ – matted and ready to frame as shown at 8″x10″.
Watercolor & Gouache on paper.

The Sage Gruff is a spot illustration for Chapter Two of Grisella’s Woolbeast Wayguide: highlighting and mapping the best routes through the Woolbeast Forest, including where to stay, who to visit, and what to eat.

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Lush green and blue landscapes of Midwestern summers are the heart of what inspires Melissa. Her work explores open fields and deep forests, finding small moments of magic and mystery hidden in the gardens and mossy environments. Her storytelling project, The Woolbeasts, discovers the denizens of these worlds.

The Woolbeasts are all hand-crafted in her “Treehouse Studio” in Chicago, Illinois. Melissa has been sewing, sculpting, and illustrating these creatures for fifteen years. They’ve been collected over the world and have been shown in galleries across the United States.