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The Pixie of IX

by Melissa Sue Stanley

The Pixies are actually small Garden Trolls that journeyed away from the deep Ravine and started to explore the northern Grasslands. They tend large patches of sunflowers and herbs in the meadows, and often trade seeds and flowers for knit goods at the Treehouse. Pixies are generally very quiet and don’t say much – they spend a lot of time listening to the world and people around them. However, if you ask them kindly and bring them a snack, they are happy to share what they’ve learned from the bees and the dirt.

The Pixie of IX is a drawing from my Woolbeast project, and it was done as I absorbed the lessons and conversations and thoughts from Illuxcon 2022. It was completed in the hotel lobby of the Reading Doubletree over the course of three days.

Graphite on French paper

5″ x 7″, matted in a white double-mat as shown to 8″ x 10″

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Lush green and blue landscapes of Midwestern summers are the heart of what inspires Melissa. Her work explores open fields and deep forests, finding small moments of magic and mystery hidden in the gardens and mossy environments. Her storytelling project, The Woolbeasts, discovers the denizens of these worlds.

The Woolbeasts are all hand-crafted in her “Treehouse Studio” in Chicago, Illinois. Melissa has been sewing, sculpting, and illustrating these creatures for fifteen years. They’ve been collected over the world and have been shown in galleries across the United States.