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The Madrasah of Ibn Shah

by Mark Harrison

The Madrasah of Ibn Shah was known throughout the land as a great seat of learning drawing students from across the world in search of knowledge and understanding. As it was considered a light of hope in a darkened world the lights were left on through the night at the entrance as a symbol of what the madrasah represented. Many a student arrived at the door tired and bedraggled after a long journey to be welcomed in, given food and water and taken to a room where they can sleep and in the morning begin their education.

Well I seem to recall that I read this somewhere… or maybe not.

Product Depth: 1.5 inches
Width: 22 inches
Height: 16 inches

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Painted over 450 book jacket illustrations for most major UK and USA publishers, quit illustration in 2005 to paint personal work for sale in galleries. I now work in a variety of fields from fantasy paintings to fine art paintings and have been a regular exhibitor in the Main Show at IX for the past five years.