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STRENGTH from the Blood Moon Tarot

by Sam Guay

Strength is knowing what battles to fight in order to overcome your obstacles in the long run.

There is a wise power that comes from enduring hardships and sitting with our struggles. It’s an understanding of what we’re made of, what we are capable of, and gives us an unwavering strength that allows us to fearlessly expose the vulnerable underbelly of our being. It’s a knowledge that you can and will overcome all obstacles, a conviction in your beliefs, and the ability to discern the best battles to fight so you’re not soul-weary from constant warring. After all, why draw your own sword to fight back when, with one touch, you can melt the enemy’s sword?

watercolor, metallic gold, & ink on hotpress paper
6 x 10”, 12 x 16” including mat
this piece is matted, frame is not included

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Sam Guay is an artist focused on work that explores emotional worlds using dark nature, hypnagogic patterns, and moody atmospheres.