As many of you know, conventions and in-person gatherings are being cancelled across the world. Many of our EDO artists go to these conventions and count on these sales as part of their annual income. EDO has always been committed first to the artist, and we will be helping connect buyers in a few ways, including this one.

Below you will see every artist who has ever been on EDO, regardless of their current status.

Below each image of their work, there are direct links to buy work they have on their own personal website/shop, for which EDO takes no commission.

You can also click on their Originals link or go to the Past Originals page to purchase work here. EDO Artists keep 75% of their sale, and we take an industry-low 25% commission which truly just covers our ongoing operational costs.

If you are not in a position to buy, the best and most generous thing you can do is share the work with your networks.

I am proud of all the work I’m seeing everyone doing right now to come together, doing as much as we can to help each other do what we love: building a sustainable life of making work and getting into the hands of those who appreciate it.

This is a small way we can do our part.

We have more planned, in the meantime, thank you for reading, enjoy the art 🙂