Whisper Catcher – frame


Time-worn stories tell of people who could hear whispers carried by the wind. As words once spoken do not disappear but travel unseen through all realms. The ability to hear and catch them was a rare gift desired by many. For whispers, you must know can be more powerful than words shouted out loud. They often contain secrets destined for one ear only. Secrets that can ignite a creation of new, better future, or make the whole kingdoms fall into destruction. And in those times they were more precious than gold or diamonds.
When I was learning English I stumbled upon words that I just fell in love with. “Whisper” was one of them. It gave me a shiver. It sounded so whimsical and full of mystery. I love words and this one has been chasing me taking many forms. This time it took a shape of a girl who was always attracted to the unknown. She heard whispers since she could remember. This soft buzzing in the wind called to her, pulling with invisible threads. Now as a skillful whisper catcher she collects whispers in search of the One Secret hidden in them…